Bus Rental

Large Size Bus
Passengers 35-60persons  ※54~60persons(Ccontact us in advance)
Long/High/Width 12m/3.7m/2.5m
Amenities Salon/Toilet/Lift(Ccontact us in advance)

For group tours, sightseeing trips and movement of adults in clubs, clubs, club activities, the biggest bus in the charter bus is recommended.It is also recommended for long distance travel. Because the trunk is also big, it is possible to load more luggage.

Large Size Bus
Large Size Bus Large Size Bus Large Size Bus

Middle sized Bus
Passengers 27-28persons
Long/High/Width 9m/3.5m/2.5m
Amenities ・Salon/Toilet/Lift(Ccontact us in advance)
・Regular seat 28 seats/without auxiliary seat

Spacious seats are attractive for medium size buses. Because there is a body and trunk larger than a small bus and a mini bus, we will provide a comfortable space even for a long time as a leg of movement of everyone.

Middle sized Bus
Middle sized Bus Middle sized Bus Middle sized Bus

Mini Bus
Passengers 18-24persons
Long/High/Width 6~7m/2.6m/2.1m
Amenities Lift/Trunk(Ccontact us in advance)
・18 regular seat / auxiliary seat 6

The mini bus attracts reasonable prices anyhow.Minibus can be used in various scenes such as ceremonial occasion, observation training, event transfer, short-distance sightseeing trip and so on.However, since the minibus does not have a trunk, please inquire in advance if there are lots of baggage.

Mini Bus
Mini Bus Mini Bus Mini Bus

*The layout of the charter bus seat layout and interior equipment vary according to bus companies and car models, so it may be difficult to choose a bus by layout and equipment.Please contact us beforehand if you have any necessary equipment.


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