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Tokyo Fuji Kyoto Osaka tour on the 7th
Day 1 Take an international flight from Beijing to Tokyo, Japan. Arrived after the car greet, stay at the hotel to rest.
Reference Hotel: JAL Plaza Hotel
Day 2 After breakfast, sightseeing in Tokyo.Reference spot: Tsukiji Market, Imperial Palace, Sensoji Temple, Meiji Jingu, Akihabara, Odaiba and so on.
Reference Hotel: JAL Plaza Hotel
Day 3 Free activity, Tokyo shopping.Reference spot:Shinjuku Isetan, Ginza shopping district
Reference Hotel: JAL Plaza Hotel:Hakone OSEN Hotel
Day 4 After breakfast, Mount Fuji,Wilderness, Kawaguchiko.And Go and shopping in Gotemba Outlets.Then take a bus to Nagoya, Japan's central city.
Reference Hotel: Nagoya Tokyu Hotel
Day 5 Ancient capital Kyoto. day5
Day 6 After breakfast, sightseeing in Osaka day6
Day 7 After breakfast, free activity in Osaka, shopping at Kanto Outlets, then drive to Kansai International Airport, take an international flight back to Beijing, the end of a pleasant journey day7
Food Beauty Northeast Tour
Day 1 Aomori Airport→Check in.Meals: No meals. Accommodation: Aomori city hotel
Day 2 Sannai Maruyama Monuments → Hirosaki Castle → Mt. Shirakami → Hakkoda Mountains → Oirase Stream → Towada Lake.Meals: Breakfast Lunch Dinner.Check in: Lake Towada Hot Spring Hotel
Day 3 Hachimantai → Koiwai farm → Lake Taino / Niwa Hot Springs → Kokaku → Yinshan Hot Springs.Meals: Breakfast Dinner.Accommodation: Yinshan Hot Spring Hotel
Day 4 Yonezawa → White Cloth Falls / Tianyuan station → Zao Wang → Akiho Hot Springs.Meals: Breakfast Lunch Dinner.Accommodation: Qiu Bao Hot Spring Hotel
Day 5 Sendai City Museum → Toshogu Shrine → Matsushima Sightseeing / Guanlan Pavilion → Ruiyan Temple → Kesennuma → Hiraizumi, Honmachi Temple Golden Hall.Meals: Breakfast Dinner.Accommodation: Morioka City Hotel
Day 6 Proceed to Aomori Airport to end a memorable northeast trip.Meals: No meals.
Osaka, Tokyo on the 6th Double Shuanguang Shuang Hot Springs
Day 1 VIPs gather at the international airport and take the flight to Osaka.  
Day 2 Osaka Castle Park - Shinsaibashi Dotombori - Kuromon Market in Osaka day2
Day 3 Kinkakuji Temple - Fushimi Inari Shrine - Gion Geisha Street - Nara Deer Park - Nara Todaiji Temple day3
Day 4 Matsubara Matsubara - Mount Fuji five items - Oshima eight seas day4
Day 5 Japan Tourism Organization - Akihabara Electric Street - Sensoji Temple - Nakamise shop - Ginza day5
Day 6 After breakfast, take a bus to Narita Airport.  


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